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Paltinu Chalet was designed and built from the start as a hunting lodge , called the villa Paltinu . The villa was built in the same period with the Transfagarasan highway , the express desire of the former President of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu , to have a personal location for hunting chamois . The villa was built by trust Carpathian elite unit building in the communist period and was completed in 1972 , two years before the commissioning of Transfagarasan .

By villa existence in 1990 as there were several changes , especially dictated by the desire Nicolae Ceausescu to have adequate comfort and the damage caused by extreme weather events . Thus, in 1974 , following a storm , the villa remained roofless , being completely thrown into the lake Bâlea.De then decided to anchor the roof of the building body . In 1988 was introduced electricity from the grid , double line Balea Lac Waterfall -Bâlea being achieved in about 6 months. This was due to anger when after a hunting Ceausescu in 1987 , the generator that powered electricity Paltinu Chalet hardly started . Besides Nicolae Ceausescu often participate chamois hunting in the Balea Lac , last time in autumn 1989, and lived in apartment number 1, and Elena Ceausescu lived in room number 2 presidential suites can be seen today, our desire is of the preserve as bine.Se still retains the bed where he slept former president , bedside tables , carpet, cabinets , TV cabinet , bracket , table, chairs , curtains , drapes , lamps , and table games cărţi.În used in the period was arranged nearby and heliport , often used at the time.

After the events of December 1989 which was partially damaged , the villa passed to former County Office of Tourism and from 1991 to SC Balea Tourism S.A. Sibiu. In 2007-2008, the villa has been extended and modernized Paltinu present form in a major project with the essential contribution of Balea Tourism SA Following the works were carried out during three months in 2007 and four months in 2008 , the expansion and facilities made ​​, the villa was classified as a tourist chalet is located , being a successful combination of rustic modern and keeping the essential elements of an alpine chalet in stone and wood predominating . We welcome you and we assure all you need for a successful stay !