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The first evidence of a cottage in the Balea Waterfall Chalet dates from 1883 when Transylvanian Carpathian Society (SKV German) opens on 16 September 1 cottage.

Destroyed by fire, it was followed by a second cottage, destroyed in World War.

He attended the third hut built in 1925, refurbished in the period after World War II and demolished by the former Office of Tourism Sibiu County in 1973, a year after commissioning of the current Balea Waterfall Chalet.

Balea Waterfall Chalet was built in 1972 and served accommodation and food Roman army officers who were building Transfagarasean. Its construction was carried out under strict supervision and military leaders representing the state at that time one of the most successful construction material and having a replica on the lake Vidraru (cottage Cumpăna).

In 1991 the cottage was turned over to SC Balea Tourism SA, and has suffered over the years an extensive modernization process which resulted in the cottage was classified in category three stars.

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