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Paltinu Chalet is located in Sibiu, at an altitude of 2050m, near the glacial lake Balea (2034m altitude) with an area of 4.6 ha, the national road "Transfagarasan" that achieves near maximum altitude of 2042m and Balea tunnel - Fagaras mountains goats which pierces between Paltinu peaks (2398m altitude) and Iezerul Goat (2417m altitude). Balea Tunnel - Capra unites Transylvania and Muntenia, two old Romanian provinces, has a length of about 900m, the longest road tunnel in Romania and located at the highest altitude.

Paltinu cottage is situated in the middle of Fagaras mountains, about 9km in a straight line Moldoveanu Peak (2544m altitude) the highest peak of Romania and 5 km from Negoiu (2535m altitude) second peak of Romania that altitude and important.

The cottage is dominated by increases Paltinu crown from which high peaks from East to West Hunt Buteanu (2507m altitude), Vaiuga (2443m altitude), Iezerul Goat and Goat Paltinu separated by saddle (2315m altitude ) and saddle Bali (2208m altitude).

Main distances from the chalet Paltinu are:
- Bucharest and Brasov 310km by 230km in Curtea de Arges - Pitesti
- Sibiu 76km, 13km Balea Cascada
- Brasov 135km
- 83km Arges Pitesti 120km
- Lake Vidraru 30km, 55km Vidraru dam

In winter (November to June) is Paltinu access to cottage by car to Balea Cascada (Balea Waterfall) and from here take the cable car to Balea Lake, located near the Balea Cascada (1234m. Altitude). From the Balea Lake station of the cable car going to the right (south - west) out of its building there are 200m to Paltinu Chalet.

You can reach the Paltinu Chalet:
- By car on the highway "Transfagarasan" in situations where traffic is permitted.
- By plane to the airports of Sibiu and Bucharest and from here by car or helicopter.
- By train to stations C.F.R. Ucea or Avrig (nearest) and hence self.
- With helicopter to the heliport located 50m from the chalet.

GPS coordinates of chalet Paltinu are: - 45.60403 (45 * 36'14,5 ") N | -24.61495 (24 * 36 '53.81") E

Important! Being a three star establishment, the cottage is open all year round, with the accommodation, restaurant, hot water, heating, WiFi, satellite and cable TV and other amenities that will be shown in this website.